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• Crypto enthusiasts can now stake $LUNA Alliance assets on Station, boosting yields through an Alliance and Station integration.
• Users can choose assets from the analytics dashboard and partner with liquid staking providers to earn rewards of up to 15.6% APR in $LUNA staking rewards.
• Happy Catty Crypto’s proposal seeks Terra Luna Classic’s revival, emphasizing transparency, smart contract-based payments, and improved security measures.

Boost Your Yield: How to Stake $LUNA Alliance Assets on Station


Crypto enthusiasts looking for a way to maximize their yields and actively participate in the evolving blockchain ecosystem have a new opportunity on the horizon – thanks to the integration of Alliance with Station! This integration allows users to stake $LUNA Alliance assets and reap rewards with boosted yields.

Choose Your Asset

Begin your journey by exploring the different $LUNA Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs) using the Alliance analytics dashboard. Compare yields across allied chains so you can select the most promising asset for you.

Stake & Earn

Partner with your preferred liquid staking provider on Station. Once you’ve done that, all you need to do is stake your chosen LST and start earning rewards – around 15.6% APR in $LUNA staking rewards! You will also receive LSTs for participating in this initiative.

Embrace The Alliance

By participating, you are becoming part of an economic alliance among blockchains – allowing you access fee tokens of allied chains and contributing towards a more interconnected blockchain ecosystem.

Set Up Fee Token Transfer

Connect your wallet to Station and direct the fee token towards your Migaloo or Carbon wallet so that gas fees can be covered effectively on respective chains. You can also easily transition $LUNA Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs) from Terra by clicking ‘Send’ on Station – simply choose your address from your address book for a smooth transfer!