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• Chainlink (LINK) has seen a near-45% decrease in the past two months, but its price is now starting to rise again.
• VC Spectra (SPCT) is also on the rise as investors buy millions of tokens during its presale stage 1.
• Both projects are being driven by fundamental factors such as BlackRock filing for a Bitcoin ETF and investor confidence.

Chainlink (LINK): Price Rebound

Chainlink (LINK) has recently seen a near-45% decrease due to the bearish crypto market, but investors are now seeing signs of a rebound. The project’s resurgence has been driven by news of Chainlink partnering with SWIFT and BlackRock filing for a Bitcoin ETF, which have boosted prices and investor confidence in the overall crypto market. Additionally, IntoTheBlock showed that 82.9% of Chainlink (LINK) holders were at a loss before this surge, indicating strong investor faith in LINK’s potential future performance. Finally, Chainlink’s address count, developer activity, and social engagement are all healthy signs pointing towards further growth for LINK. As such, it is not surprising that LINK has seen an increase from $4.77 to $6.37 in the past two weeks with no signs of slowing down yet.

VC Spectra (SPCT): Investing In Blue-Chip Blockchain And Technology Companies

VC Spectra (SPCT) is also rising in value as investors buy millions of tokens during its presale stage 1. SPCT offers investors with early-stage companies fundraising opportunities to get access to high returns through seed funding investments into blockchain and technology projects. SPCT also gives users control over their investments with smart contracts handling profit distribution from SPCT investments while democratizing asset management processes along the way..

Fundamental Factors Driving Both Projects

The major fundamental factor driving both SPCT and LINK’s recent surges are related to BlackRock filing for a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund which increased overall confidence in the crypto markets and allowed them to rebound after months of bear trends movements . This news follows other positive fundamentals such as Chainink partnering with SWIFT , along with healthy metrics like address count , developer activity , and social engagement driving LINK’s recovery . These positive fundamentals show why both projects have rebounded so quickly without showing signs of slowing down yet .

Investor Confidence Is Key

Investors have shown strong faith in both these projects despite previous losses due to bearish movements across cryptocurrency markets . According to IntoTheBlock data , 82 . 9 % of LINK holders were holding their tokens at a loss which means many investors still believe that there is potential for growth even when things look bleak . Santiment data supports this conclusion too as it suggested that addresses holding large amounts of LINK had risen significantly . These findings indicate that investor confidence remains high across these projects even when prices dip giving them more room for recovery compared to other coins .


Chainlink (LINK) and VC Spectra (SPCT) have seen significant rebounds over the past two weeks due to confident investors believing in their long term potentials despite short term losses caused by bear markets movements across cryptocurrencies . The rebounds were fuelled by fundamental factors such as Blackrock filing for a Bitcoin ETF , ChainLink partnering with SWIFT , healthy metrics like address count , developer activity , and social engagement driving Link’s recovery . Thus it appears that both these projects will continue experiencing growth if they can maintain or improve upon their current fundamentals measures going forward